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The Seventh Doctor
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"Yes, that's right, you're going. You've been gone for ages. You're already gone. You're still here. You've just arrived. I haven't even met you yet. It all depends on who you are and how you look at it. Strange business, time."

This particular Doctor is one of the more argumentative ones, though he has an intensely peaceful nature. He does like to recuperate roughians and has a soft spot for young misguided deviants. He will refuse to involve himself with questionable activities, and death is always a last option for him. He believes everything has a right to live. Everything has a right to become better. He comes off as klutzy, bumbling, and unsure, but then his true nature stands out brilliantly in short, well-hidden introspective doses. Where he makes very clear that he knows that as a Time Lord, he can, has, and will be one of the greatest threats and saviors to the universe. He messes up his sayings often, though probably out of half paying attention than either faking it or being an idiot, or he seems to be perpetually distracted.

He's on the short side, out of shape with tossled, curly brown hair and a perpetually pursed and curious expression. He usually wears a pullover sweater covered in question marks and carries a question mark umbrella, and has a panama fedora with the brim turned up on all sides. He's an older man, trills his r's, and raises his voice at odd, nonsensical matters.

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While the TARDIS was crashing onto Lakertya, caught in a trap set by the Rani, the Sixth Doctor died and changed into the Seventh. After being injected with something to cause amnesia, he unwittingly helped her build her machine to detonate a strange matter asteroid while she was disguised as Mel. He eventually came to his senses and freed the Lakertyans from the Rani's hold.

He continued to travel with Mel in his new form, and at Mel's urging they stopped at a hotel called Paradise Towers. Only it turned out that all of the citizens left behind when the middle age group was drafted to go off to war were left trapped inside of the hotel, and the sinister architect who constructed it was looking for a way to be reborn. The Doctor formulated a plan to stop him, though Pecks the cowardly war stowaway was the one who finalized it.

When detoured to the Shangi-La Holiday Camp rather than Disneyland, the Doctor and Mel discover that there's an alien queen hiding out there, and that a race called the Bannermen are trying to hunt her down and finalize the extermination of her race. Using the voice of the Queen's developing offspring, he managed to cripple the Bannermen attack fleet.

When they went to Iceworld, he and Mel ran into an old acquaintance Glitz, as well as met Ace McShane. Ace's love of all things that detonated helped get them out of the situation, as the Doctor and Glitz investigated stories of a dragon and buried treasure. As it happened, the dragon was a manufactured organism.

The Doctor with Ace then prevented the Daleks from utilizing a Time Lord relic, the Omega Device so that they might have equal mastery of time. Instead, he tricked the Daleks and Davros into destroying Skaro.

They then went to a planet, Terra Alpha, where it was illegal to be unhappy, and unhappiness or anything that might encourage melancholy was an offense punishable by death and the policy was enforced by a group known as the happiness patrol. The executioner was a confectionery artificial life form known as the Kandy Man, and the Kandy Man was destroyed and the planet eventually freed from its tyrannical rule.

The Cybermen, some Nazis, and a witch from the 1600's all tried to acquire an item made of living metal, a Gallifreyan defense system invented by Rassilon and Omega in the form of a statue made of validium. The Doctor had to set the statue against the encroaching cybermen army rather than allow them to utilize it to take over the earth. Though here he started showing his concerns for his history being revealed, as the witch (Lady Peinforte) threatened to reveal elements of his past as revealed to her by the statue (which she had named Silver Nemesis). However, because the Cybermen didn't particularly care about his secrets her efforts were for naught.

The Doctor later discovered that he was Merlin (at least in one universe), and participated in a skewed of the events of Camalot. Morgaine, the mother of Mordred, summoned the Destroyer of Worlds. The Destroyer was finally killed by UNIT Brigadier Bambera.

He was more inclined than other Doctor's to go on feelings of “evil”, even from other people. Such as when Ace said that she felt “evil” in a Perivale house that she had visited in 1983, he investigated to discover two alien survey agents, one being held captive as an evolutionary Control in the experiment. The Doctor released Control, and then peaceably talked the other agent into allowing evolution to persist.

The Doctor came up against the Master and the Cheetah people, as the Master fell under their influence and had to find a way to escape it. The Cheetah planet was on the verge of destruction, and when Ace was taken the Doctor had to go after her. He discovered the Master there, using the Cheetah people and also under their influence. Exhibitions of violence turned someone into one of them, there, and the hunted became the hunters quickly. But also, the Master hadn't progressed to the point he could traverse dimensions and had control of his facilities still. So he needed a human to turn and get him to Earth before he became completely feral.

Ace fell under the influence, but the Doctor worked to spare her. He tricked the Master, sending him back to the planet before its destruction, though Ace thought the Doctor had died. She was very relieved to discover he was alive, and then they continued on their journey.

Far down the road, it was a stray bullet from a San Francisco shoot-out on the Eve of the change of the Millenium that triggered the transformation of this Doctor into the eighth. Ironically killed by a random act of violence.


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